Alligator wanders into Florida yard, becomes stuck in lacrosse net


A Florida resident shared video of an alligator that wandered into their yard and ended up entangled in a lacrosse net for about 45 minutes.

The homeowner said the gator wandered into their back yard in Longwood in Seminole County, and became stuck in the lacrosse net.

The resident said it took the gator about 45 minutes to extract itself and wander back into the nearby woods.

The homeowner said they later discovered there was a dead snake in the net and speculated the gator was had been attempting to make it into a meal when it became stuck.

Alligators are known to live in the Longwood area, but local police said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will not relocate the reptiles unless they are more than 4 feet long and determined to be exhibiting aggressive behavior.