Authorities tracking loose wallaby or kangaroo in Pennsylvania


Wildlife authorities in Pennsylvania said they are trying to capture a small kangaroo or wallaby that has been spotted on multiple occasions during the past few days.

Residents of the Mount Zion area of Lebanon County have captured photos and videos in recent days showing the animal, believed to be a wallaby or a young kangaroo, hopping loose through residential areas.

Game Warden Derek Spitler has been tracking the Australian marsupial’s movements through the region.

“We want to do it in the safest way possible, and we want to try to get that wallaby to a facility where it can be well taken care of,” Spitler told WGAL-TV.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said the animal may have been a pet that either escaped or was abandoned by its owner. The commission said kangaroos and wallabies are legal to own, but only if the proper paperwork is filed with the state.